Certified Ostomy visitors

Visitor Coordinator: Richard Rettig 760-722-1340 Email: Rgrettig@earthlink.com

Visiting new and recent ostomates is the most important service our group provides. Visitors go through formal training and can make calls in the hospital and home. They are proof that life after ostomy surgery can be normal. They can answer questions about living with an ostomy.

 You can expect a visitor of the same gender and with the same surgery. I encourage you to take advantage of this valuable service.

 The Ostomy Support Group of North San Diego County trains and certifies ostomate members who can offer psychological support to individuals and their families both before and following surgery. Ostomy visitors may come to a home or to the hospital, but may only visit when invited by the patient, his or her doctor, or a family member.

The chief goal of a visitor is to reassure individuals that they can look forward to an essentially normal and satisfying life following ostomy surgery.  To insure integrity, all medical questions which may arise during a visit are referred to medical practitioners.

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